TelNet Replaces Cisco Call Manager with the OneView iACT Total IP Telephony Solution

Worthington, Ohio & Boston – June 20, 2014 – One of Boston’s architectural gems, the Liberty Hotel has enlisted TelNet Corporation and iACT to replace the existing Cisco system. The Liberty, a Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel now enjoys a more robust PBX solution and improved support of the system and its overall cost.

Using the new technology and economics of the fully IP iACT solution, the Hotel was able to upgrade to full PCI compliancy, while keeping total costs to less than two years of the existing Cisco service plan.

“The TelNet team did a remarkable job making the transition at The Liberty Hotel smooth, and with very little business interruption,” says Michael Harr, Installation Manager at TelNet. ““We are pleased to have a luxury hotel of this caliber in our client portfolio.”

Installation of the iACT Solution included new VTech SIP phones in The Liberty’s 298 guest rooms. TelNet was able to reuse most of the Liberty’s existing network for this extensive upgrade.

“The decision to utilize the iACT solution, with its long list of modern features, was an easy one,” says Gerry Mendoza, Chief Engineer at The Liberty Hotel. “Our staff was pleased with the easy transition and minimal downtime which again reinforced that this is the right solution for our hotel.”

TelNet Corporation is wholly owned by Guest-Tek Interactive which provides high tech entertainment delivery systems exclusive to hospitality.

“The iconic Liberty Hotel is a fine addition to our group of iACT properties,” says Arnon Levy, CEO of Guest-tek. “This group keeps growing steadily as more hotels like the Liberty embrace the many advantages of our OneView iACT Voice Solution.

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